The mini cat is my cute cross stitch design loved by many on my blog Happiness is Cross Stitching, many of you have taken him to heart and send me your completed photos of your completed mini cats, and I thought it would be nice for mini cat to have his own blog where you can post all your completed mini cat cross stitch!

If you wish to post your completed mini cat cross stitch from my mini cat range you are welcome to do so here, just email me for an invite and I will send you the link for you to post.

You can post work in progress and then your completed design. Please describe what materials you used to stitch your design as this helps anyone who wishes to stitch the same pattern.

Please centre your picture in the middle with materials listed underneath and label your mini cat using the right hand column in post settings when writing your post.

That's it, happy mini cat stitching!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Comments .....

Sadly, I'm not able to comment on this blog but I am enjoying seeing all your creations.  ^^


  1. Hi Kate,

    Oooo, I don't know why? I must have the settings wrong somewhere? If anyone can help Kate leave a comment please let me know, I don't understand why she can't!

  2. I don't know it either.... Kate can you comment on other blogs or none?


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